Freshness – Word of the Week

Edition #23

Week 23

Romans 6:4 (NIV)
“…We too may live a new life.”

Romans 7:6 (NIV)
“…So that we serve in the new way of the Spirit…”

I looked up the word “Newness” this morning, and found that Young’s concordance gives it, “Freshness”.

‘We should live in freshness of life, so that we serve in the freshness of the spirit.’

How very far away such a thought from the dullness that can fall like a fog; how often in the Psalms we see the soul resolutely fighting through that fog into sunlight. Never does it, as it were, sit down in dullness. There is always a pressing on into this glorious freshness of life and spirit,

In “The Spirit of Discipline” Bishop Paget suggests, “That we should, in careful reverence and humility, be trying to know more and more of the power of the Resurrection in the life of the body.” We can see it “in the lives of the saints; in their clearness and freedom; their successful resolution not to be brought under the power of the things which domineer over other people;” and he goes on to speak also of others, “Born and nurtured in conditions like our own, and yet so splendidly unhindered by the things which keep us back.” These words have often helped me to seek that freshness which, like the green leaves on the tress, and all sweet springing things about us now, is a perpetual miracle.


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